Net Neutrality Threatened by Trump Administration

Tom Wheeler, the former chair of the FCC, used his final speech before stepping down to warn businesses and consumers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be severely limited if the incoming administration strikes down the 2015 open internet order that he and his group put in place. This order positioned the FCC’s net neutrality regulation that prevents Internet Service Providers from slowing or blocking traffic on their networks. This gives all traffic equal opportunity and speed and prevents network favoritism.

Wheeler also showed concern for the Internet of Things, an area of economic growth that is quickly becoming top of mind to many businesses and policy makers in Washington.

“[T]he growth of the internet of things is another area that depends on the open connectivity of those things,” Wheeler said. “If ISPs can decide arbitrarily which IoT device can be connected, or favor their own IoT activity over their competitors, the bright future of IoT dims.” Wheeler continued, “As everything goes into the cloud, the ability to access the cloud free of gatekeepers is essential. If ISPs get to choose which applications and clouds work better than others in terms of access, speed and latency, they will control the cloud future,”.

Wheeler’s position may not be a surprise now but given his past as a lobbyist for the cable and wireless sector his support of net neutrality may come as a shock.

Bill Wilson, a consultant for Broadband Landing, said, “Wheeler may be underplaying the seriousness of the situation. Net Neutrality is the biggest deal that no one really understands. If consumers and small businesses actually realized what the internet would look like after it was bought and sold by large corporations that was be worried. This would be all that was being talked about.”

Wheeler has the same question many businesses do, namely will Trump dismantle a policy that is clearly working? With republicans openly opposed to net neutrality things do seem dire for the policy.

Wheeler’s speech not only acts as a warning to the incoming administration but also clearly attempts to widen the scope of the net neutrality debate as a whole. Consumer impact of the open internet order is almost always the lead in any discussion of net neutrality but here Wheeler’s focus was on the danger to businesses and their increasing use of cloud computing. Interruption or the slowing of these services is a bit more destructive than a video playing slow. Businesses might be required to completely change back office management systems. A company like could have their customer base divided between users that have an ISP that allows their traffic and ISP’s that won’t. Situations of this type could be repeated across many business services. If AT&T buys a firm that provides CMS to sales and marketing groups, it is not unthinkable that they would show preference to this firm over others.

Wheeler specifically calls out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give some companies free access by not charging customers for the data they use. While this isn’t the feared “Fast Lane” net neutrality has been trying to avoid, it may actually be worse.

Wheeler finished his speech with, “It now falls to a new set of regulators, to a new FCC and to those who advocate before it and the Congress to determine the road that they want to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that road. One path leads forward and the other leads back to relitigating solutions that are demonstrably working.”

While the fork in the road analogy fits, it’s actually a bit more drastic than Wheeler makes it seem. One road leads forward and the other leads back a decade and then off a cliff into a hole filled with alligators.

Tips to Start Your Own Small Bizz, Home-based Business Information

Start Your Own Small Business

Putting energy and action into owning your own business will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Some people may wonder if they should own a business. But it doesn’t hurt to give it a try; you only fail when you don’t try. Some people have tried many times and failed in some way; but they kept at it, that’s what makes them a business owner because they will not give up or give in. We all learn from mistakes, and that’s what makes us better the next time. Having your own business can actually be a reality.

For instance; just think if Shaquille O’Neil would refuse to go to the free throw line. He wouldn’t be the NBA Player he is today, and the money is motivating also. And he does this in front of billions of people on national TV, and he still throws the ball somewhere near the hoop. A failure is someone who gives up completely, every time he fails at something. And a winner is someone who keeps trying no matter what, even if he fails a few times, he won’t give up; persistence is the key.

But don’t quit your day job at least for the moment.

When you decide to become an entrepreneur be as positive as you can. Also think realistically about your decision on owing a business. You would need personal qualities, family and friends support, willingness to work long hours. This will require taking risks and sacrifices to invest time, energy, and flexibility into your new business. Also you can get your finances faster, and you can get more money than working for someone else. At a regular job we spend a lot of hours there, why shouldn’t we enjoy it.

A personal quality in being an entrepreneur is self-motivation; making things happen, needing to achieve in every way. The odds are ‘for you’ more than they are against you. One reason is that there are small business grants you can apply for online, from library books, small business books (Barnes and Noble), as having your own business. So as the saying goes; “Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today?”

Start Your Own Business
Start Your Own Business
Watch this video – Secrets to Success, How Bad Do you Want it?
Business Tips

In marketing, you know exactly what you’re doing, either you’re getting orders or not. Having a habit of hard work is essential. Having your own business is hard work. If you’re already a hard worker, then owning a business is for you. It requires being a leader to organize a small business. Most entrepreneurs are careful planners. A national survey shows that a huge percentage of teenagers than adults, were interested in someday being an entrepreneur. More businesses is now being owned by women, than being owned by men. So when will you begin owning your own business, is the question?

I have worked for a couple of small business owners, and they had great finances as a small business company. Each entrepreneur has different personality, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Focus on ways of being different, and doing new things no one else may have done; be innovative. Nearly 90% of entrepreneurs made their fortunes by owning their own business. Again, positive self-motivation, and determination is the key. Say to yourself, “I have an entrepreneur spirit and I will succeed with the necessary tools.” Surround yourself with positive people, and ideas. Focus your thoughts on doing better and being better. When I started my first business in the 90’s, I needed positive enforcement; I went to the book store and then I purchased Napoleon Hill’s – “Think and Grow Rich.” This was the best positive motivational influence I have ever heard. Basically, educate your mind with positive influence and “self-motivation.” The potential financial reward of entrepreneurship is major.

It is extremely important that you are good at something. What positive things do your family and friends tell you that you’re good at? Have a teacher or someone else told you what your good at? What are things you like to do? Answering these questions can help you with some sort of idea, as to what you want to do, as having your own business.

Sole proprietor

Registering your business can benefit you, the owner, since you can then write off business expenses, and reduce your personal taxes. In most states, the basic types of business structures are:

♦ Sole proprietorship
♦ Partnerships
♦ Limited liability companies (LLCs)
♦ Corporations

The simpler business structures to run are sole proprietors and partnerships. You will free the business from having to pay payroll taxes, if you were to employ your spouse as your business partner. Finally, working as an entrepreneur having your own business can be fun. Individuals who really enjoy what they are doing are more likely to do it better.

A lesson….in minding your own business

This morning as I read through my Facebook to see what others were busy with I stopped on an article that a lady wrote. It was about her shopping with her adopted daughter and a stranger giving her parenting tips on not spoiling her daughter. The poor little girl had a horrible first ten months where she was not loved or taken car of and finally she found a family that would love her and coddle her to show her love and patience.

This woman in the store knew nothing of what that family has been through, and yet here was her unsolicited advice. As I was reading this my mind was turning over and thinking about all the times people did this to me. Or I have had an opinion about what another mother is doing. Although I never open my mouth and make myself a rude person I do have the thoughts. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyone minded their own business. You don’t know what others are going through, have been through or what kind of life they have been living. To judge someone on the thirty seconds you see them might just be a little unfair.

When was the last time you went to the store and smiled at someone? Or maybe got something off of a tall shelf for someone who couldn’t reach it otherwise. This is a motion for movement. To see if people will follow me in turning their negative thoughts off and trying to see the world through another person’s eyes.

My story is not a horrible one at all, but I will say that I have been shamed in a store. I was shopping with my two girls and two babies that I watch. Now four children in my opinion in not a lot. Apparently, for one lady in a store it was way to many. As she passed me she mumbled in my direction that “she must have never heard of birth control”. Me being me, I giggled. It’s none of her business that only two of them were mine. She felt that it was though, and while that could have ticked me off and ruined my day I smiled. However, there are so many people out there who are trying to live their lives and others opinions weigh heavily on them. It ruins their day. It ruins their self worth and for what? Nothing more than your opinion and while you decided to open your mouth and be rude and made yourself feel high and mighty for a few minutes you ruined that persons day.

It’s time that we change into a nation that loves each other instead of one that beats each other up.



So you think you know everything about your favorite radio station, or disc jockey? Think again. I spent the entire 90’s working in radio. Eight years of morning shows at 2 major radio stations in Providence, RI I learned the radio bizz inside and out. Here are the Top Five dirty and deceptive radio station secrets I’ve discovered.

1.) Your request will not be played. Ever.

Unless you’re calling in an “all request” show, (and your choice is popular in the first place) your song is not going to be played. You’ll usually get a patronizing “we’ll try to get that on for you in a little while”, but it will never appear. Jocks (who call themselves “air personalities”, or simply “the talent”) have very little slack when dealing with song playlists, put together by the station’s music director or in some cases, the program director. Music at major radio stations are now programmed into computers and play automatically. Rarely will you see a jock toss a CD into a player anymore. Save your breath and don’t bother calling. And no, they won’t write it down, either.

2.) “Be Caller 97 to win right now!”

Do you really think someone is going to sit through 97 callers when giving away two free meal coupons to a pizza joint? Nope. It’s not gonna happen. With 6 phone lines (and sometimes less) coming into the studio, no one in their right mind is going to sit there and answer phones. If you’re not one of the first six, you’re going to be buying your own pizza. Also, if you sound like death warmed over when the jock answers the telephone, you’re not going to win. Radio stations want happy, upbeat listeners who sound great on the radio to win their contests. If you sound like you woke up in a morgue, you lost. Even if you are caller 97.

3.) If You’re a Prize Whore, You Probably Have a Nickname

A prize whore is someone (male or female) who shows up at every radio-station sponsored event (such as furniture stores, auto dealerships and nightclubs), trying to snag free t-shirts, cds or other radio station freebees. Prize whores are not just loyal to one radio station, but whore themselves out to several. (Hence the name) The promotions department at one station I worked for had nicknames for their prize whores. “Dirty Sweater” was a woman who wore the same dirty sweater each time. “Pissy Shirt” was another who wore the same sweat stained radio station T-Shirt to EVERY appearance. There were several more, whose nicknames I can’t recall. So remember, if you show up at EVERY radio station event, chances are you have a nickname-and it’s never a good one.

4.) Prizewhores Don’t Win Major Prizes

That trip for two to Vegas or that brand new Toyota isn’t going to be won by prize whores. If it’s a drawing, your entry will disappear. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I’ve seen it happen. If it’s a phone contest, you are “the wrong caller”. Every time.

5.) Your Jock is a Ghost

Computers and a method called voicetracking have made it possible for your DJ to record his show in advance, saving several hours (and several dollars) to the radio station. Your jock will pre-record the show, as if he/she were in the studio and the computer will play it back, plugging in the music. To the non-professional, it’s difficult to tell which is a voice-tracked show and which is not

Rockin’ Joe Hebert is a RI comedian, writer, musician and webmaster who spent the entire 1990s working mornings at 2 legendary Providence radio stations, PRO-FM and B-101 FM.

Baby Gifts Are Fun to Give

Baby Gifts Are Fun to Give

Whether the “bundle from heaven” to be celebrated is in your own family group or in a friend’s, it is always an extra joy to go shopping for the many innovative and creative gifts that are available for the wee recipients or children of all ages. The gift may be small or as large as furniture and accessories for the nursery or bedroom. Whatever the choice may be, it will be welcomed and appreciated by the parents and will put a smile on their lips and a sparkle in their eyes.

Personalized and customized items have extra value, and there are companies who specialize in fulfilling the needs and desires of the gift givers. They create adorable products and room décor to enhance a child’s life and surroundings in many different ways. They are also happy to customize artwork designs and colors so that the exact unique gift that you desire can be presented and bring your vision to life.

Gift packages include a beautiful assortment of useful and “fun” keepsakes, toys, and clothing in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. The contents are all artfully arranged in adorable baskets after being created to your individual order. Free personalization is available on many of the products as well as free gift wrap.

Bedtime Huggie Graffe with Blanket

This is an example of a popular gift that combines two items that are essential to every baby’s needs: a toy and a blanket. The plush giraffe is super soft and is perfect for hugging, loving, squeezing, and napping. The giraffe protects its favorite warm and comfortable 30″ x 38″ blanket that can be personalized with the baby’s name or initials.

Purple Pumpkin Gifts, physically located just outside Philadelphia, offers its baby gifts in a personal and helpful interview at the shop with a professional designer, online, or over the phone since the gifts can be shipped nationwide.

One of the specialties of this children’s boutique is personalized baby shower gifts of all sorts as part of their motto of “the perfect baby gifts for any occasion.”

Sketcher Shoes: A Broad Summary Of Their Models

Sketcher shoes are made for the youth market – they’re essentially a popular brand of casual shoe created for everyday wear. Their designs are targeted toward teens and tweens along with their marketing. But, how do these shoes hold up? Will they last until your kids outgrow them? For the answers to these questions and more, keep reading for a full review of Sketcher brand shoes.

Sketcher Prices

For a pair of Sketcher shoes, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $60. The shoes are targeted toward young buyers, meaning they’re reasonably priced. However, to purchase a pair of shoes for a growing youngster, they may be a little more costly than other comparable discount brands.

Sketchers’ Fit and Comfort Level

Sketchers are essentially casual sneakers, meaning they’re generally fairly comfortable. The models are designed for everyday wear and made for teens who tend to wear out their shoes quickly. That said, the majority of Sketchers aren’t appropriate for gym class or extensive athletic activity. Instead, opt for a shoe with better insole support.

Though Sketcher does make adult-size shoes for both men and women, the company’s target market are young buyers. That means older consumers may find the shoes narrow and somewhat small fitting. This is because they’re designed for smaller, younger feet.

Brand Durability and Quality

Sketchers are made for kids, tweens and teens – meaning the shoe is designed to be worn hard and every day. While not the best shoes available, the quality is generally good and most Sketchers will last at least until your child outgrows them.

If you’re looking for an adult pair of shoes that offers both comfort and long-term durability, you may want to try another brand. Sketchers might be cute, but they’re simply not designed for years of wear.

Style and Designs

Sketchers are great for kids. Their styles are funky and cool, but also cute and age-appropriate. With neat designs, modern stripes, cool patterns and unique styles – kids absolutely love them.

That said, these are not age-appropriate shoes for adults. If you’re heading out for lunch with the girls wearing a pair of pink-camouflage Sketcher flats, you might want to rethink your style choices. Again, they’re a fashion-forward shoe for the tween and teen set, but not for mom.

The Final Word

Overall, Sketcher shoes are a good kid’s shoes. They usually last until your kids outgrow them and are reasonably priced. However, they’re not a grown up shoe. The style and quality just aren’t there, particularly when compared to other similarly priced brands.

Using An Attraction Marketing Manifesto To Explode Your Business And Income

How frequently have you picked up your telephone, solely to hear somebody on the other end pitching you about their business opportunity? You do not know them, you don’t know their work ethics, and you have no idea if they can help you.

Now that you are in business, you do not need to be in the same position as a cold-caller. The cold-caller has the disadvantages that I mentioned above. The one doing the cold-calling has to heat the prospect up. This can take quite a bit of time to do. It normally involves a few chats before the prospect will trust you enough to hand you their Visa card to buy from you.

Fortunately , you can turn that around and have your prospects coming to you eagerly, wanting to do business with you by simply implementing an Attraction Marketing Manifesto.

Attraction Marketing Manifesto : A Valuable Resource Material

The Attraction Marketing Manifesto is a declaration you on how to properly convey your information to your potential clients and purchasers. Your Manifesto enables you to be more convincing than most businesses and online sites. Also, it’ll give you an opportunity to look into your creative side and think of new and cutting edge methods of introducing your services and products to your customers.

From Traditional Selling To Attraction Promoting

There’s a difference between normal marketing and online Attraction marketing. The old standard why of marketing works, but there is no swift time leverage. Time leverage will come once you have built a sizable organization, which may take time at the beginning.

Online Attraction Marketing permits you to immediately leverage your time using technology, while employing time tested promoting techniques to build your business swiftly. In today’s fast pace, you’ll need to utilize your time in the very best way.

Establishing Yourself As A Credible Person

What you want to try next is to establish yourself as a credible business person who folks will believe and trust. This implies that it’s your responsibility to learn, implement, and then share with those in your online community. You must be ready to grow, and to challenge yourself in making your business a more successful player in the bizz.

Creating Credibility As A Business Owner

Give your clients reliable and valuable information through your attraction marketing manifesto. When they see that what they are receiving is relevant to them, then they’re going to see you as a convincing business person truly knowledgeable of his craft. Additionally, you can reduce effort in selling your products and instead concentrate more in selling yourself in the market. If people see that you are true to your words and true to your principles, then they will most probably see that your products or services hold the same qualities. What you want to earn from your clients isn’t profit alone but also the status that you merit as a business person. And if you have bought that respect already, it is going to be a lot simpler for you to sell your product and services in the market.

What Does It Take To Become A Model?

If you are an attractive, talented, persistent and highly motivated person, then you have the qualities required to become a model. Many Toronto male models, Toronto female models and, lately, more and more Toronto kids choose a career in the fashion bizz, equally fascinated by the glamour and magic of this spectacular world, and the substantial paychecks.

Modeling agencies are constantly looking for new talents, future Toronto male models and Toronto female models, to enrich their portfolios. Model searches are one way of being discovered and to be picked up by an agent for representation or to get headed in the right direction. Practically anyone can show up at the model searches organized by diverse talent management companies, but not just anyone would have the prospect to be selected for representation by an agency.

The modeling industry established certain beauty standards that have been adopted by all modeling agencies as selection criteria. For instance, there are two types of models: glamour, illustrated by a round shaped face, angelic, charming look, and grunge, referring mainly to a sharp angular face, with prominent cheeks. In order to step on the catwalk, Toronto male models and Toronto female models need to have a pleasant look, a thin body line, especially for presentations, and minimal height of 5’8” (170 cm) for Toronto girl models and 6” (180 cm) for Toronto boy models. Also, measurements should be anywhere from 34-36 bust, 23-25 waist and 34-36 hips (or 90-60-90 translated in cm). Still, the world of modeling is full of surprises and non-conformities. One good example of how rules can be broken is Kate Moss (grunge type) and her catwalk sessions, although she is only 1.69 cm tall. So, you never know your luck!

Another way of getting your modeling career launched is through a model book or portfolio. You want your model portfolio to be professional, complete and impressive when you show it. An awesome Toronto female model portfolio should include a good selection of different types of “looks”, between 10 to 25 photos normally consisting of 9 x 12 prints. You need to include commercial, fashion, casual and editorial content shots. The minimal acceptable model books need to include a headshot of yourself smiling and one not smiling, a full length body shot, natural make-up and hair-off face. Headshots and full length body shots, preferably swimwear, are mandatory for any Toronto male model portfolio.

A professional photographer or agent can assist you in the most delicate matter of model book quality, so ask for advice whenever you have second thoughts. First-class model talent agencies, such as Susan J. Talent Model & Talent Management in Toronto, are always looking for the next biggest discovery to add to their agency’s credits. So, they’ll be more than happy to analyze your portfolio and give a quick answer whether or not you are heading the right direction. Modeling training courses, although not compulsory, are always an important asset when it comes to first impression, especially for Toronto female model and Toronto kids. Agencies recommend on camera testing and training, particularly for the models applying for larger markets, such as the top NY agencies.

And the experts’ words always count, since their job is to recognize and groom new talents to succeed in the world of modeling. The relationship between agency and models is a contractual one, which clearly specifies parties’ obligations and rights, including here the agency’s obligation to promote and represent the model in good faith and efficiently, contract’s duration, payment terms and conditions, the model’s seriousness and implication in specific activities, as well as termination clauses. Any Toronto male model, Toronto female model and Toronto child model should be aware of all these aspects before signing the contract.

Soldiers of Prosperity

Unified Mastermind

Forget big brother. He no longer cares.

Once upon a time, you spent $25,000 to $100,000 and went to college to learn and to be trained on how to be employed. Then you signed on the dotted line, slung the chain with your ID card pinched to it around your neck, your new employer trained you, nurtured you, paid for your car and your babies being born and they then showed you a ladder leaning up against the wall and cried, “go climb!”

As long as you didn’t drop the ball and make too many mistakes, you were safe and you could retire in glory. You didn’t have to worry about your career and the notion of having numerous transitional career changes, back then—would have sounded like a bad joke.

Remembering IBM

Back in the day, the company would take care of you, justice and hard work would prevail and loyalty—-going both ways—were the highest of corporate values.

That was yesterday. No, erase that. That was a generation ago!

In today’s business climate all we have— is each other.

Literally. It’s us buzz mates against big business. Now the network rules (yours) and intangibles like your network, your reputation and how well you can serve others, within your own network, is the commodity of the new economy and the Soldiers of Prosperity who champion this crusade of capitalists to other fringe dwellers.

It’s about being unified, “as one,” not separatists, working alone, next to each other, in office cubicles, for the greater good of the boss.

Did the business climate change? Huh buddy, you bet it did.

In today’s world of intense competition, restructuring, and corporate takeovers, lets not even go into the splats and “tanks” so many of the behemoths are experiencing.

Ever hear of World/Com or Toys-R-Us? What happened?

The key today is THE NETWORK! Not the corporation.

It Used To Be About Who You Knew
Today, It’s More About Who Did You Help

The key today and the new commodity is everyone’s own individual network, a network of capital, a network of trust and integrity and a network of cohesive profit margins—working for the good of all, equally, for the strong, who demand to be THE FOOD CHAIN instead of the paid pencil pusher.

You are either the hunter or the hunted. People who provide the most food always eat the best, right? But it’s a decision. Therefore the mandate leads towards unification, not DIFFERENT “levels’ of potential income.

—Side Bar—
Did you ever notice on in the world of “Big Blue” everyone is paid in relation to what their LEVEL (think pyramid) pays?

CEO: $2.1 Million

President: $900,000

COO: $610,000

Chief Executive: $350,000

Chief of Sales: $178,000

Top Salesman: $125,000

His Secretary: $34,000

Not good. Not bad. But if given a choice, would you want to control your income or have it controlled by a system that ONLY dishes out an income that the prescribed “level” pays?

Here in America, some of is prefer to BE THE FOOD CHAIN instead of working for the those that control the food chain.

It’s as I said, being the Hunter or the Hunted. U-Pick.

So many of us in the earlier days cried, “but I need the benefits!”

Here’s an idea. Why don’t you create income streams so deep that you can pay your OWN families benefits with [just] the interest from one of your savings accounts!

Or, with the “side” two or three thousand a month you earn from say, income stream # 23!

It’s a choice. Just a choice.

Today’s network is a resource of people, ideas, profit streams and a buzz about soldiering each other to prosperity. One that simply will not go away, Unlike any other time ever—–in history, more people have decided to work——as one—to manifest the greater good of themselves, of each other and their personal rights, as Americans to get filthy stinking rich.

In fact, if you are not soldering your own mastermind and serving a network around you and pushing other people ahead of you, you better start. Because that is today’s link to the new economy.

People helping people.

Why bother even thinking that the company can take care of you if the company isn’t even sure if it can take care if itself?

So where is Big Brother these days? He’s looking out for #1 and
pulling his hair out because of the constant and never ending list of new competitors that keep hurling spit balls at him. And not from across the street either. Now the competition is “global” for Pete sake!

(read that last paragraph again if you can)


What is making people successful today is sharing resources and networks with each other and “love is the killer app” (incredible book by Tim Sanders)! Just look at the networking books that have been become best sellers by Robert Kiosaki

Personal networks have become “bank” and that is the new economy.

As marketing fans—think Jay Abraham on crack!—we have read the marketing books, learned the psychological triggers and now we all know what impulses people to buy, we went to the motivation seminars and we even own the t-shirt to prove it!


However, trying harder, chanting louder, believing in yourself more and thinking positively, while useful, if you are new, are no longer your short stack of things to get ahead with anymore.

As a matter of fact, it’s not even about you anymore. It’s about what you can do for others and how well you can attract and mange your own network of people. The guy who said (his name is Dale Calvert), “build other people and the people will build your business” was right. So right!

Some call it Affiliate Networking. That’s what this is and that’s the buzz word and the bizz stream of the people now in the know and the people of today who are taking back what the CEO’s and the office cube patrol monkeys took from us. Our security. Our pride and the fun of being on the hunt to get ahead.

So who are we?

Soldiers of prosperity.

We are “as one” and unified.

That’s who we are

Sound strange? Maybe new? Forget it. It’s an old formula that corporate types told you didn’t work.

The little guy thinks that success is something that he has to look for inside of himself. Not true. Success is all around each of us and walking by us all of the time. The key then, as a Master-Mind, is to be open to it and the sub-set to that clearly, is to be open to everyone, not to some, but to everyone around you.

Norman Vincent Peale started the crusade of “me” and if you believe the people of this world who sold you on positive thinking and that believing in yourself is the key to caviar wishes and lottery winning dreams, I’d debate that.

Start Here:

BELIEVE in me.


Yes self-image is key. But where does self-image come from?

It starts with a vision FIRST of other people.

Applaud those around you.

Build up those around you.

Give it away. For….

What you give away you get to keep.

That is a Soldier of Prosperity

Do you work where you are tolerated?

The rich work where they are CELEBRATED.

Small people can’t BUILD other people.

Be a BUILDER of others.


Here is new information. It’s hard to get someone who is near bankruptcy to start chanting, “I can do it. I can do it.”

It’s hard to take the employee MIND and teach them over night to start getting pumped up about their potential to start earning $25,000 per month. That’s not something we can easily.

So start here and teach people this.

Step 1: BELIEVE in other people FIRST

Step 2: Start to DO and SEE things as they see them.

Step 3: Little by little, your own belief, in yourself, will start to grow.

But most people never even thought of having a mentor or a coach. Except for Millionaires like Michael Jordan and Tom Cruise. They have coaches, stylists, fitness trainers and assistants. Helpers.

Do you have a coach? Do you have a life-style coach? Why not.


Where I started and how I climbed from small to bigger was by believing first in other people. Back then, when I was scraping to pay bills and all of that “I used to be poor and now I am rich” rhetoric, but back then, even when I thought of myself as a squished little jobber, I drew GREAT vision and tremendous HOPE by running next to other people who were undeniably ringing the bell and making a killing by building up other people and helping other people create and build their own personal affiliate networks.

Terrible Odds
If you focus on yourself you are the only game in town. Terrible odds by anyone’s measure However, if you focus on other great people you just can’t help but advance your own thermostat, raise your own expectations of possibility, balloon your own earning potential, build a richer network of fellow Soldiers–you can’t help but grow large.

My first two steps out of the gate where (a) in my gut, believing in everyone around me even more than I believed in little ole me (b) believing in our free enterprise system with so much zeal that short of success simply wasn’t an option to me.

THE MASTER-MIND: Your Greatest Resource!

If you are new and the idea of masterminding, (people sharing business resources collectively as a network) and of all of a sudden having hundreds of new friends and cool new biz-mates at your simplest of whims, if that notion seems foreign to you right now, only because you are new, guess what and good news, we have been here and doing this, really, since the middle fifties.

Remember Glenn W. Turners network, “DARE TO BE GREAT!”

What we do and what we will explore with you is not anything new. The difference though, is now networking has become a national obsession for some and even a priority for many, whereas years ago, this form of networking, as a business, was only a by product of a larger business model.

Today? The network IS the business!

The old adage, “Time is money” is way old century and very Machiavellian (urrrr! ruff-ruff!) thinking.

The Network is The Model

The Master-Mind is Where The Money Begins

The “now think” is this, the network is revenue. Not [just] money. Revenue. Equity. Residual income.

Stuff big brother always knew about but kept away from the cogs in the wheel. The employees worked for a wage while the big hairs and the people who dined in the corporate cafeteria worked for equity and residual slam dunks.

In the last century we worked to make money. Now here in the new economy of people, we work for a loving instead.

Now “loverage” rules (see “Conversations with Millionaires” by Michael Litman and Jason Oman!) and the little guys aren’t so small anymore!

Our collective ability to SHARE THIS ALTERNATIVE THINKING with others and buying power creams any other market share that anyone wants to waste time penciling on paper and apparently, we are the new world order.

Did Bill Gates just buy-up Lotus (March 2005)? You bet. That’s because POWER begets power. That’s because the more tools Microsoft can offer people the larger their monopoly is.

POWER. Shared power. That’s what we do and that’s what we sell at Unified Master-Mind. We share our rolodexes and we share various income streams. We share our coaching and we chair the power.

No upline. No downline. No managers. It’s unified. As one.

In the streets and outside of our own network here at Master-Mind you can beat each up and claw your way up through various competitors who you destroy.

Competition and democracy is a good thing. So play hard and pray even harder. Outside. Under the red, white and blue.

Brother In Freedom

Here though, amongst your brothers and sisters of Freedom, amongst each other here, within our master-mind, it’s bringing up each other. There is not competition; call it a “safe house” if you will.


Oh sure, the hipsters and the kids with baggy jeans may be what television (and McDonalds) prays to, but it is we boomers who cripple those CD burners in size and it is we who have the most money to purchase.

It is we who rock and never forget that.

Plus the BIG BRANDS (yawn) are begging for our trade and what you will dig up in chapter one will be worth two Martini’s–not one.

Integrity and Being Likable are Intangibles
The difference between working for money and building a network is that when you work on a level that is higher than simply money, your equity becomes residual.

Which points back to each of our own individual intangibles, i.e., your network, your reputation and your ability to serve the network and for the good of all within the Master-Mind

What We Do

As I said, our lineage dates back to the middle fifties and all that is old is new again. What UNIFIED MASTER-MIND is, more than anything else, is a celebration of business in and of the way it used to be and never should have stopped.

We are in the people business and the product that we sell is business consulting and business ideas that only work when you add other people and BUILD other people as hard as you build yourself.

That is why we call this UNIFIED MASTER-MIND.

Our Mantra

Use money and love people. Not vice versa. This isn’t about “them” against us. Although to know thy enemy is good business so say’s Sun Zui in the classic, “The Art of War.”

Instead, this is about us and how there is far greater security, for all of us, if we join together instead of independently being scattered under the umbrella of Big Brother.

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The Perfect Network Marketing System!

Network marketing is hard. Don’t kid yourself and truthfully don’t even attempt a network marketing venture unless you either have or plan to put into place a highly potent and highly duplicatable network marketing system
geared for 2005 and beyond.

Before I tell you what a perfect network
marketing system
should look like let’s talk about what doesn’t
work for most
network marketers. As I’m sure you probably
know, network
marketing is notorious for having a 95% failure
rate. Let’s
talk about why.

Have you ever heard of Occam’s razor?

Basically it states that the simplest
explanation for a
phenomenon is usually the best. We’ll use this
theory to
explain why more than 95% of network marketers


Most network marketers fail because the
marketing methods
that they are taught don’t work 95% of the time.
simple right?

So we’re led to ask the logical next question,
what are most
fledgling network marketers taught?

Well, I can only speak from my experience, but
what I was
taught was to buy and cold call leads.

Now, I’m not going to say this doesn’t work, but
I will say
is that after six months of cold calling leads
for 3 hours a
day with very little success this tactic doesn’t
work for
me. Don’t get me wrong some people are very good
at cold
calling leads, but most people aren’t.

What happens to most people after they’ve spend
thousands of
dollars on leads with very little success after
months of

They give up.

Another factor contributing to why most network
fail is the type of leads they use. Why does the
type of
leads make a difference?

Business opportunity leads, the leads most new
marketers are told to use, are generic. These
leads answer
an ad that just asks them if they want to be
free, or make money from home or something like

Well . . . of course they do!

But that doesn’t mean they want anything to do
with YOUR
network marketing program. When the average
network marketer
calls these generic bizz opp leads the leads
don’t know
anything about the network marketer’s business
and for the
most part honestly don’t care. This leads to
the fledgling
network marketer hearing a lot of “NOs”.

Hearing NO all the time leads to quite a bit of
self doubt,
both about the network marketers own ability and
validity of their association with their network
company. Negative feelings begin to harbor and
as I said
before eventually the network marketer gives up,
with 3-6 months.

The fledgling network marketer’s perception of
business goes from one of opportunity to one of
doubt and negativity. Reality follows
perception, so because
the fledgling network marketer believes both
themselves and
their business as having little hope this
becomes TRUE.

That’s basically why 95% of network marketers
fail if you
asked me.

So how do we change this paradigm?

We build a Perfect Network Marketing System!

Now we get to the good stuff! What does a
perfect network
marketing system look like?

For the average home based network marketer to
be successful
certain thing MUST be in place. I will list them

o Lead capture page designed specifically for
Network Marketing Company:

This page must contain strong sales copy that
tells the
prospect why he wants to opt in for more
information. The
best way to do this is to offer a High Value
Free Report in
exchange for there contact information.

o Free Report specifically designed for Network
Companies Opportunity:

The free report must be highly informative. It
must explain
all of the features and benefits of joining the
marketing organization as an independent
distributor and
must focus on the support and resources
available to the new
recruit should they choose to purchase a
The company’s products and compensation plan
must be clearly
explained here as well. If possible,
testimonials should be
used, as they are extremely powerful sales
conversion tools
in this portion of the sale process.

o Follow up Email System:

Attached to the Free Report there must also be a
follow up
system that continually markets through email
the program to
the lead. Most leads don’t act immediately and
must be
marketed to at least 7 times before they take
action. The
email follow up system must have strongly worded
sales copy
and must have a system for getting through spam

o A Continual Feed Back System that uses the
Fear of Loss:

Along the with email follow up system there must
be a
feedback system that will alert the prospect by
email when
new prospects opt into the system and invoke the
fear of
loss during this process by telling the prospect
that if the
next prospect in line upgrades to a paid
position before he
does then he will forever loose commission on
that prospect.
This is an extremely powerful psychological tool.

o Strong Support:

It’s one thing to get someone to buy a
distributorship, but
it’s a totally different thing get them to work
the business
effectively. There must be an email follow up
system once a
new distributor signs on to ensure that he
receive adequate
training on how to market successfully. There
must also be
human support at this point. So, there must be
relationships built between upline and new

o A Good Product or Service:

In order for this entire marketing process to
work, the
system must be back by a strong and ethical
marketing organization that sells a high demand
product that
people need and would purchase even if there
were no
compensation plans attached to it.

o You:

You must be an active part of your business. You
must be
willing and open to learn new ideas and tactics
at all
times. You must have a passion for your business
and truly
believe in the product that you plan to build your
organization around.

In Conclusion:

I’ve listed the basic component’s a of a perfect
marketing system. This system will involve NO
cold calling
because the prospect will opt in to request more
specifically about your business before you even
talk to

Cold calling generic bizz opp leads and hearing
a lot of
NO’s is what causes most network marketers to
fail. We want
to avoid this at all cost. This is what this
system is
designed to do!

By having your prospects opt in specifically for
information about your product and business plan
and then by
giving them a detailed report explaining all of
the above
before you even speak to them your chances of a
sales conversion will greatly be increased. The
follow-up and fear of loss systems will increase
chances successful sales conversion even
further. These
factors will cut down on the number of NO’s that
the you
must endure before success. This will increase
your home
business’s duplicability vastly.

Further, having uniform training and exceptional
support are
the basics and must be present.


Before you spend another dollar on your network
efforts ask yourself if you’re using a perfect
marketing system. If your answer is no and you
aren’t having
any success then ask yourself what you can do to
change your
system to one that will work for you and your
distributors using the principles that I have

I struggled with network marketing myself using
the old
fashion methods, but as soon as I studied
internet marketing
and how to apply it to network marketing things
got a lot
easier. I was able to spot network marketing
that were specifically positioned for internet
marketing and
earmark what I thought to be the best of the
bunch. After
that, it was simple a matter of choosing the one
that with
what I though had the “best product”.

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