Tender Care For Kids in the Car!

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How do You Take Care of Kids With Autism

Taking care of kids with autism entails more than just giving general treatments or prognosis. Child psychologists around the world agree that taking care of them means identifying the exact symptoms that they are exhibiting, and tailor making the treatment to ensure that the conditions are improved and that autism in all its manifestations becomes less of a hindrance in their lives. Autism is actually a brain developmental disorder that affects children all the way to toddlers. While they are more commonly seen in children aged 3 – 5, infants can display some of the early warning signs of the mental disorder. It affects many functions of the brain and these can include areas of speech, cognitive ability, mental focus, learning and communication. This is why autistic children have difficulty expressing themselves or even reacting normally to social situations and stimuli. To properly take care of a child with autism, you need to identify the specific symptom that they have and this can be broken down into three main categories or classifications. One of them is social development, or the inability for infants and children to react to social situations. Humans with normal mental and social functions are able to comprehend and break down social situations, as well as have some level of spontaneity when they come face to face with meeting people. Autistic children tend to be very shy and fearful of these situations. They keep to themselves and often can experience long hours of quiet spells while ignoring their peers around them. They are also unable to express themselves properly and their lack of understanding causes them to be nervous, afraid and seek the shelter of their primary care giver, which they have created this amazingly strong bond with. This is called a form of ‘social deviance’ and can manifest itself in symptoms like lack of eye contact, acting out, tantrums when faced with social situations, inability to respond to emotions and nonverbal communication. The other category of autistic symptoms are of course communication problems and this takes the form of the inability to express themselves through speech and expression. To get down to the mechanics of the issue, autistic children often regress when it comes to normal and natural learning, which means they have to be trained in all nuances of speech therapy to ensure that they can communicate effectively with other people. Some children and even older ones experience an acute communicative problem such as this and thus have to be treated with structured learning or even speech therapy when they are young. It can also take the form of repetitive behaviour, where they are either stereotypy, compulsive, ritualistic, restricted or even practice self injury. These are sure signs that the child is autistic and therapy must be initiated with the child at one. The environment is also important, there must be plenty of parental love and guidance – the two most important aspects of support to child therapy that can improve their chances of running a normal life.

Physical Education Games for Children

A successful physical education class for kids will strike a balance between teaching about sports and fitness, and playing fun games to keep kids interested. If you have to keep a group of kids entertained, try these games to keep the kids burning energy.

Ships across the Ocean

Ships across the Ocean is a classic gym or field game for that many kids likely already know how to play. Line the kids up at one end of the gym or field, and pick two or three kids to come to the middle as “taggers.” The taggers begin the game by saying “ships across the ocean,” and then all the other kids have to run to the other end of the playing area while the taggers try to run after them an tag them. Kids that are tagged can either become new taggers or sit down as immobile taggers. The game continues with rounds or “waves,” until all the kids have been tagged. Another variation is allowing the taggers to call only certain people across to run, such as those wearing a certain color.

Three Step

Three Step is a dodge ball variant that can be played with a gym with a group of any number. Several dodge balls are placed within the gym, and kids are able to move freely about the gym. Anyone can pick up a ball and throw it at someone else. If the ball hits, the person hit is “out” and must sit down. After picking up a ball, the thrower can take three steps before he must throw. If another player catches a ball, the thrower is out. If a ball happens to roll to a sitting player, she may stand and throw the ball at anyone still in, and may come back in the game if she tags that person out. The game proceeds until there is one person left. To quicken the game, add more balls to the playing area.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag can be played in a large area, such as a field or even a park or forest. Two teams each has its own “side,” separated by a definite dividing line. Whenever a player ventures into the other team’s side, he can be tagged by opposing players and sent to a “jail” area. The goal of the game is to infiltrate the other team’s side, grab a “flag” (which can be an actual flag, a football, or any other marker) and return it to their own territory. Players entering the jail area may rescue two of their captured teammates and return with them to their own territory.

Where Are The Kids?

When I was a high strung kid, I used to play at the park all day long in the summer months and even in the winter. There was always something to do there. If it was hopping on the swings, using the monkey bars, the slide, or just running in the grass from end to end and/or just rolling in the sandbox, chasing some kid down the block, or shooting some rats by the junkyard; that was an exciting day. Playing is that powerful. It’s addictive. It’s what children have done since the beginning of time…till about a generation ago, when we decided, as a country, that letting kids go outside on their own is just “too dangerous.”

So, whatever happened to ‘go outside and play’? Out of fear, our neighborhoods, once the classic microcosm of a free America, have devolved into little more than supervised “dorms.”

One reason for this lock down is that parents today are so damn screwy, scared of predators. They believe, or so—that if Saturday is “announced” as kids-outside day, predators will celebrate by circling the parks in white, window-less vans. Play is good for the brain—it makes kids into problem solvers. Play is good for the body—it makes kids less obese. Exposure to dirt builds the immune system. And don’t obsess about accidents: More kids go to the hospital from falling out of bed than trees.

I fell out of many trees as a ‘wild child.’ Climbing trees and falling out of them is all part of growing up. I remember, we had two chestnut trees in front of our house and I used to climb into the attic window to get to my bedroom. That way I didn’t have to go into the main part of the house and have to take off my shoes, wash my hands, face and hair with boraxo (and/or) have to hop in the tub to take a bath with ivory soap.

I started developing creativity and imagination at an early age. Do children today use their imaginations as much as we did when we were kids? Do you see kids spinning incredible tales and stories in their make-believe play like we used to when we played “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and Indians”? As a child’s figment play, I used to do a lot of repetitive movements like karate chops, wrestling spins, finger shooting and moves that have no story to them? I was a smart, spazzy kid who had a weird sense of humor. We as kids back in my day, frequently got caught up in the rough-and-tumble play of good guys and bad guys – with many of their plots influence. And a lot of it had to do with our surroundings.

I remember back in the old days, playing pickup games, with no parent around over coaching and killing the fun, is how us kids developed passion and instincts for sports.

For some time now, I have been asking myself the same question as I pass by lonely playgrounds, empty yards and deserted ball fields, “where have all the children gone?” When I was young, it would have taken an incredible force to keep the neighborhood children indoors. I know this makes me sound like an old fogy preaching about the old days, but I am serious. Have you ever taken the time to think about what happened? I am sure I’m not the only old geezer plus something who used to explore in the woods, play hide and seek, engage in pick-up games, and ultimately be dragged back into the house when it was finally too dark out.

Kids Schools Provides the Best and Unique Early Education for Your Kids

For everyone’s life education plays an important role. A life without education is very difficult to realize. So for that reason parents of today are sending their children to school. For success and for becoming a good citizen, Education is important. From very early age, the human mind starts growing as science says. Mind develops at the age of five. So this time period is very crucial.

Parent’s full concentration should be on this. That is why Play schools in India are special. The curriculum of kid’s school should be special and effective with a view to help and developing the children’s mind.

Generally the kids schools in India offers a wide range of programs which includes mind developing activities and games. Many reputed schools in India also offer programs which include art and craft, games, study, and many more things.

In some comparison to other countries in the world, Play schools in India are also focusing on the all-round development of the kids. For the development of child’s mind, the kids schools in India also focuses on the unique curriculum of kids. In addition, they also provide various study material, which is not enough for proper growth of mind. The government of India also run some genuine programs along with teacher training courses.

For efficient development of child’s mind, these programs are playing a very important role. These programs focus on the development of mind as well as health also. Children get an environment which sharpens their mind, under these programs.

For providing effective and quality education, the teachers in kid’s school should be qualified and trained enough. For better understanding, parents should also cooperate with the teachers of the school. A child, here, gets a friendly environment, in which they study, play games, learn and sing poems, solve puzzles and many other activities. This helps kids in thinking and understanding the things at the broader level.

The society or the government should go hand in hand for the all round development of the children. Various schools even provide child care services in India. Even people should be more concerned about the growth of their children’s mind. The parents who are fee, they should devote their time and energy for their kids. The role of child care services in India is growing day by day because of working parents. Child care schools are also able to save the time and energy of the working community of the society. Especially, Child Day care services in Delhi are expensive and effective. If you are staying in Delhi, you can access any schools providing child day care services.

Home Playground Ideas for Your Kids

When you have kids at home, it’s best to take some time to actually build a playground for them so that they can have fun and feel the warmth that home brings. As kids grow up, they need to be able to explore their environment and see how everything works by playing up with their imagination. Kids who are given the chance to play are also given the chance to stimulate their brains and let their personalities and talents come out as well.

Here are some interesting ideas you might want to try for your kids’ home playground:

Make a theme for your playground

If you find that your child is actually inclined to like a specific cartoon character, then it would be good to build from that and then make your kid’s playground based from the said theme. This way, you can really work around something that he actually likes. Having a specific theme for the kid’s playground also allows him to become easily comfortable with his surroundings. This can also be a fun way for you to extend the playground as a bonding spot for you and your child as you tell stories related to the characters found in the said area.

Use non-toxic materials

Kids tend to be very curious with the things around them and before you knew it, they might be putting stuff inside their mouth especially when you can’t see them. To help prevent unwanted events from happening, you should make sure that the stuff you have around the playground are safe and non-toxic. Some materials can also harm your kid’s skin or even cause sudden allergies if they are not made to be non-toxic.

Have pads wrapped on metals and invest in good foam carpets

Keep your kid’s playground totally safe by making sure that pads are placed on metal fittings and other essential base structures. You can find such items at discounted prices especially if you have to buy in bulk. You might also want to consider getting foam mats as your playground’s flooring. This is also where a sandy playground floor or a sandbox comes in handy because it softens the fall should such a thing happen.

Put tables and chairs

Make your kid’s playground a holistic one–meaning to say, it’s not just for play but for learning as well. You can start investing on good books and put them inside the play area. You can also spend a great bonding time with your kid by putting together some puzzle pieces or coloring books with drawings of characters that they like. You can also try getting tables and chairs which complement the whole look of the playground.

As you start to plan your kid’s playground, don’t forget to consider it as a place where your child would first get to experience how’s it like to mix in playing with learning. This is also the ideal place where he would find his or her independence and begin to form social relationships with family members and even their first friends.

Teaching Body Parts to Preschoolers Through Games & Activities

Preschool children are full of curiosity and energy. You cannot expect to teach a preschooler while he sits still and quietly listens to you. The best way to teach students in this age group is to involve them in games and activities. When you teach preschoolers about body parts, you can do so by allowing them to get up, move around and burn some energy. This method of learning will help them to have fun while they gain knowledge about the parts of the body.

Materials Needed

Butcher paper
Recorded music
Paper plates
Gingerbread cookies


Trace the outline of your students’ bodies on large sheets of butcher paper or bulletin board paper and cut out the outlines. Have the children point to various body parts as you call them out and let the children color their own cut-out.
Sing and act out songs such as, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” and “The Hokey Pokey.”
Play a “freeze” game in which the children move around the room as music plays. When you stop the music, call out a body part. The students must touch that body part to the ground in a frozen pose.
Give your students paper plates, yarn, kid scissors, markers, crayons and glue. Have them decorate the plates to look like their own faces.
Distribute gingerbread cookies in the shape of “people” to your students. Given them icing and sprinkles and tell them to draw various body parts onto the gingerbread shapes.

Businesses for Kids

It used to be that when a kid wanted to earn some spending money, all he had to do was stir up a pitcher of lemonade and hang out on the sidewalk for a few hours. But times have changed, and kids want to make more than a just a few dollars. Young entrepreneurs can make enough money to buy the latest gadgets — or start saving for a big purchase — by starting their own business and running it during their spare time.

Mother’s Helper

While in many states children are prohibited from being home alone without adult supervision if they are under a certain age, kids can still start a business as a mother’s helper. Responsible kids as young as 11 can work with families in their neighborhood, playing with young children and toddlers while their parents get chores done around the house. Mother’s helpers can play outside, read books, do art projects, and make simple lunches and snacks, giving mom and dad a much-needed break or chance to accomplish other tasks. Working as a mother’s helper also helps give kids experience and skills that they can use when they get older and want to work as a babysitter.

Pet Sitting

If caring for kids isn’t exactly your forte, kids can start a pet-care or pet-sitting business. Pet sitting overnight or for extended periods while owners are away will require parental supervision and involvement, but kids can help their neighbors by walking and playing with pets when their owners are at work or too busy. Kids can even add basic grooming to their pet-care business by offering their services to bathe and brush animals for their customers. Working with pets is best for older kids, who are able to handle potentially unpredictable animals. Kids should get to know the animals with the owners present so everyone feels comfortable together. A parent or other responsible adult should also be on call and supervising at all times, in the event that something goes wrong. Kids who are interested in working with pets should contact a local veterinarian or animal shelter to inquire about extra training for this job; in some cases, you can job shadow or volunteer to gain some experience in working with animals.

Yard Work

Kids who aren’t afraid to work hard can start a yard-work and chore business. In the fall, kids can rake leaves and help their neighbors get ready for winter, while they can shovel snow in the winter months. In the spring and summer, kids can help plant flower and vegetable gardens, assist with weeding and watering, and if they are older and know how to operate a mower, mow lawns. Starting this type of business allows kids to spend time outdoors and get physical activity while also earning cash and building experience in landscaping and gardening.

Online Businesses

Creative kids can start online businesses. For example, artistically-inclined kids can design greeting cards, mugs or other items using their original artwork to sell via online stores. Some websites allow you to upload your artwork, and customers can have the art printed on their choice of items. Once an item sells, you earn a commission. Start by letting friends and family know about your business, and ask them to tell their friends.

Cleaning out the clutter from the basement or garage can also help you earn some extra cash. With the supervision of an adult, kids can sell unwanted items on online auction sites, and as their experience grows, even sell items supplied by friends and family for a commission. Setting up an online store will likely require the involvement of a parent or other adult; in some cases, accounts can only be created by someone over age 18. Parents should also monitor online activity to keep their kids safe.

Gift Wrapping

If an online store isn’t an option, and you can wrap gifts neatly — or have creative ideas and skills for making gifts look amazing — start a gift-wrapping business to help busy shoppers around the holidays.

What Kind of Business Can a Kid Start?

Kids have needs and wants just like adults do. Unfortunately, they don’t have as many opportunities to work and earn the money they’d like to spend. Instead of relying on mom and dad for the money he needs in these situations, a child may start his own business. He can choose from different types of businesses to get started.

Information-based Businesses

A child may not have been around as many blocks as an adult has, but there still are topics on which he has information. This information can found a business. For instance, if a child does well in school, he might start a tutoring business. Another example would be if he started a website full of technology-based how-to videos and charged a small subscription for access to the site.

Product-based Businesses

The classic example of a product-based business for a kid is the lemonade stand. However, a child can sell virtually anything if there is a market for the product and he has some sales savvy. Anything the child creates well is a good option — jewelry is a good starting point, but knickknacks, photo frames or collages and similar items also work. Foods and other products that are always in demand — for example, chocolate or shampoo — or that aren’t immediately available at other retailers like rare video games provide other opportunities.

Service-based Businesses

Usually, kids who opt for a service-based business choose services like mowing lawns, as these types of services consistently have a market and can be completed by most children. However, service-based businesses are limited only by the skill set of the child. For example, if a child has a knack for grouping and categorization, he might start an organization business that helps people get closets, garages or miscellaneous items together in a logical and accessible way. A child interested in fashion and aesthetics might be a personal shopper for someone else, picking the right clothes for the client or advising them on makeup or hairstyles.


Most businesses, regardless of the category into which they fall, require some start-up capital. Additionally, as a child makes money, he’ll need to decide how to invest or store it. This means that parents or guardians may need to come up with some initial funds, be joint account holders with the child and present financial options to the child.

No business can succeed if there isn’t a market for the service, product or information offered. This means that a child must conduct some market research prior to starting a business. The more money that is needed to start the business, the more important the research becomes.

Children must stay safe as they work. Avoid businesses where the child has to go door to door alone. If a child works online, they must be aware of the dangers present through Internet use — for example, loss of secure data. If a service involves physical activity, the activity must be appropriate to the child’s development. For instance, a child who only weighs 100 pounds shouldn’t be trying to lift 50. Businesses that rely on chemicals — for example, housekeeping — usually aren’t appropriate until the child has had basic chemistry and science courses.

How to Make Your Kids Love Writing

Writing is a form of self-expression that encourages creativity, individuality, confidence and independent thinking. If you want to teach your child to love writing, make the activity more exciting, entertaining and fun. When you are willing to directly participate in this endeavor every day, your chances of awakening a budding writer increase dramatically.

Read to or with your child. Shoot for at least 20 minutes daily. This reading time helps build your child’s vocabulary, language skills, listening skills and curiosity. Choose books together at the library so that he will learn to love a good story. It will get his wheels turning, and he may want to write his own adventures.

Hand your child some cool writing supplies. Pens with colored ink, scented pencils and decorative mechanical pens can liven up your child’s writing endeavor. Buy him a themed journal or a notebook with his favorite character on it. He’s more likely to write with supplies she likes to look at and that are fun to use.

Create a comfortable writing space. If your child has a desk, add a desk lamp and a decorative pen holder. If the kitchen table is all you have, get a portable supply caddy and let your child decorate it with stickers or markers. When your child is done writing, put the supply holder up in a safe place so his siblings don’t get into his writing supplies.

Schedule a writing time each day and sit down to write with your child. Set a timer for 15 minutes and don’t stop writing until the timer is up. He is more likely to get into the activity if he sees you having fun writing too.

Choose fun writing themes, like “I once was on a space ship heading toward…” or “When I was king of the jungle…” Read your stories out loud when you’re both done. Don’t critique because the objective is to teach him love to write. Instead, praise what you enjoy about his story and encourage him.