Is Chiropractic Care For Kids Too?

A quick answer to this frequently asked question is “Of course!” Chiropractic care safely and successfully treats children of any age at any given time. Your child can have chiropractic adjustments for treatment of any kind of spinal misalignments and back and neck problems. Clinical studies also prove that children who receive chiropractic therapy experience various long term health benefits. Parents notice that their children rarely become ill and suffer less from ear infections. Since the bodies of children differ from the size of the body of adults, an expert approach is usually done. Children are very playful and active. They engage in various sports and other physical activities which put them at risk for falls, sprains, strains, and sports-related injuries. Every day, hundreds of children are rushed to clinics and hospitals to get treatment for these injuries. Chiropractic is an important therapeutic option for children because it is drug-free and noninvasive. In fact, chiropractic is used so commonly with kids that a survey performed by the National Center for Health Statistics revealed that approximately two million children receive chiropractic or osteopathic treatment each year. There are pediatric chiropractors who underwent post-doctorate training and experience in working with children. They use techniques that are gentle and appropriate for the age of the child. However, the pediatric chiropractor shouldn’t replace your child’s regular pediatrician. Instead, the treatments should complement each other. Chiropractors, such as Board Certified experts from Chiropractic Colorado Springs, use a tender approach in dealing with children. Chiropractic care provided to children is typically painless. A pediatric chiropractor would start off with a thorough evaluation of the child’s general health condition by asking the parents some important questions. If the child is old enough, the chiropractor will ask him/her for any specific complaints or problems experienced. Children usually respond well to chiropractic therapy. The normal functioning of the child’s affected body parts are restored after only a few treatment sessions. You’ve probably tried picking up your child’s backpack and wondered if it was full of rocks. You should know that a heavy backpack can be harmful to your child. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 6,500 kids are taken to hospitals each year because of backpack-related injuries. Physicians are seeing more than just back pain caused by heavy backpacks. Other common childhood injuries include the knee, leg, ankle, shoulder, wrist, elbow, hand, head, neck, and the spine. Problems in the spine in children can be very challenging to detect unless they become very obvious or have reached a critical stage. Early detection is the key to ensure that the child receives the right medical attention needed to restore body functions and relieve any form of discomfort. There are various symptoms which can indicate that your child may have a spinal misalignment or dysfunction. There may be misalignment in the shoulders, limited physical mobility of the head or neck, recurring ear infections, persistent colds, abnormal sleeping patterns, scoliosis, bedwetting and constant headaches. Get in touch with a pediatric chiropractor and see what they can do for your child. To avoid backpack-related injuries, there are some helpful tips to make your child’s backpack less heavy for his or her body. First, the backpack’s weight should not be more than 10 to 15 percent of your child’s body weight. Next, remind your child to always use both strap. Additionally, you can purchase a backpack with a waist belt or frame that places the weight of the pack on your child’s pelvis, rather than the shoulders. Then, tighten the straps so that the pack is held closely to the body. Also make sure that the straps and the side of the backpack that rests against the back of the child are well padded. Subsequently, position heavy objects at the bottom of the pack and balance the load if possible. Finally, select a backpack that has wheels for pulling.

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