Where To Have Your Next Kids Birthday Party

The perfect kids birthday party location can vary widely depending on where you live and the type of party you are throwing. Here are our suggestions and ideas to help you throw the best kids party in the perfect location.

When picking a children’s birthday party location take into account your theme, your child’s favorite places and the predicted weather for the time of year you’ll be throwing the party. In addition consider budget, accessibility for guests and any safety issues.

You can base your locale on a number of different criteria we’ve picked a few of our favorite kids birthday party locations.

Birthday Party Locations for a Summer Party

The Park – This is a great outdoor party location. Choose a park that will allow you to rent space. A park is a perfect place to have a rented ball pit or rented carnival games. Remember for a park party be sure the park provides park benches and tables for seating and food otherwise you will need to provide your own. Also, if you choose to barbeque as opposed to bringing ready made food then be sure the park has barbeque pits. And if they don’t have bbq pits then you’ll need to confirm barbqueing is allowed before bringing your own.

Amusement Park – The amusement park is a great party location, because there is so little for you to do. Most amusement parks will provide a party area with tables and benches. Often, they will provide the party food as well. And of course the rides and games are all the entertainment you need.

Zoo – Just like an amusement park the zoo will usually provide the party area and food. Often the zoo will also provide a tour for the kids.

Dude Ranch – If you have a Dude Ranch near you take advantage of it for your child’s next party. This is lots of fun for the kids because they get to interact with the animals. For many kids this may be their first time on a horse or even petting a horse so this party is a special treat for them. And as an added bonus Dude ranches are set in a western theme and all kids love cowboys!

Kids Birthday Party Locations for a Winter Party

Roller Skating Rink, Ice Skating Rink or Bowling Alley – These are all great party locations anytime of the year but particularly in the winter when the kids can’t be outdoors. Having a party at any of these locations makes the planning process simple for you, most rinks and bowling alleys are equipped for kids parties. They’ll provide party areas and food or permit you to bring your own food. They’ll also have special packages for kids parties so the kids can have a great time skating or bowling.

Gymnastics Center – Kids like nothing more than tumbling and flipping. Check out some local gymnastics centers and find out if they allow parties. Some may not provide food or decorations but they will provide all of the activities in the way of balance beams, uneven bars and mats for tumbling. They’ll also provide a trainer to help the kids on the equipment. This type of party will keep the kids active the entire time and they’ll go home pooped!

Karate Center – If your little one is into martial arts then throw a karate party. Many karate centers allow parties and provide a trainer to teach the kids some moves and do a few demonstrations.

Indoor Playground – Indoor playgrounds are extremely popular. These playgrounds seem to be popping up everywhere so there is certain to be several near you. Some popular playgrounds are Gymboree, Chucky Cheese and Jeepers.

Some Other Fun Kids Birthday Party Locations

Children’s Museum – The popularity of these museums for kids has sky rocketed and they typically cater to kids parties. They’ll provide party space but may or may not provide food. Either way you can’t beat this location as the activities are all right there providing hours of fun for the kids.

Your Club House – We often forget about that club house our condo association fees pays for. If your house isn’t large enough and if you have a Club House in your community take advantage of it. Yes, you’ll have to bring in all the decorations and food but typically the space will be bigger and more open than at home. So don’t forget to check it out next time you are throwing a party.

Bead Store – Search your area for a bead store that allows kids to design their own jewelry. Typically if they provide in-store activities for kids they will allow for parties. You’ll be surprised how many beads stores have kid parties. Often you will have to provide the food and decorations, but they provide the space and activities!

Miniature Golf – Sometimes your local miniature golf course will provide party space for kids. I’ve even seen some that provide the food! If your little one likes golf check out your local miniature golf courses and let the kids putt around!

How to Organize a Summer Camp for Kids

Winter is over and now summer is fast approaching. It is now time for kids to play outside and enjoy the outdoors. However, it would be more significant if kids can experience camping outdoors so that they can have fun with nature and bond with other kids, friends and classmates. In essence, summer camps always bring about educational experience for kids because the outdoors offers so many different kinds of discoveries. Kids can be able to realize all the things that are worth knowing even these are outside their homes and schools. They can be able to feel the value of survival, experience camaraderie and teamwork. So how to organize a summer camp for kids can be one of your agenda if you want your kids and other kids to enjoy their summer vacation.

On the other hand, you must remember that kids unlike adults are more prone to stress but have unstoppable energy that is why they must be guided accordingly when they are in their camps. This is why organizing a safe but fun camping must be properly thought about. Here are some tips that could help you along in coming up with a nice summer camp for kids.

Advice on How to Organize Kids’ Summer Camp

If you are organizing a large group and want to indulge kids with various activities like sports and contests and you want to give away prizes to make the event more memorable, you must find sponsors to help you out with the expenses. However, have a clean budget plan before starting to solicit sponsorship from different organizations. Draft your goal so that your potential sponsors will see that your goal has a good cause. If organizing a summer camp is for the school children, the school’s alumni can be asked to provide financial assistance.

If you already have sure potential sponsors, check for the required legal issues such as parent’s waiver and insurance for all the kids including you and your assistants. You can consult a lawyer about this because as an organizer, you are most liable for each and every camper including the staff or teachers who will want to attend the camping.

Find the best location for the summer camp. Don’t think about going to remote areas because your companions are the kids. You can consider nearby national parks, forest reserves or city-owned parks if ever the management will let you camp for free. If there are no parks available, there can be the community centers, farmsteads or even schools that don’t have summer classes. These may not be part of the outside world but you can at least make the children develop their sense of teamwork, independence and comradeship with camping.

Think about the activities that anyone can enjoy and include activities that will enhance the physical, mental and logical skills of the kids like sports or discovering things around. There could be the study of flora and fauna around the camp, photography or just plan nature tripping.

Find people that can assist you. These can be young volunteers that have knowledge about supervising kids’ summer camps. Teenagers or college students are ideal assistants because just like the kids, they also have lively dispositions and can get along well with the kids. If there would be no volunteers, you must at least hire camp workers to make sure everyone and everything goes well within the camp.

To enable many kids to participate, take your time in advertising your summer camp. You can create flyers, posters or advertise the activity in a local radio station and invite parents to include their children with the activity. You can also use the technology like the web, radio or local newspaper just to reach many people.

Make your registration form easy to access. You can upload a registration form online through a Facebook account or through the camp’s website. You can also borrow a small office where people can personally get registration forms and file completed forms directly.

Inform parents and participants about the requirements needed for the camping and don’t forget to tell people the exact date. If possible, you can broadcast about the number of kids that have already registered. This is to tell everybody the remaining slots. Remember that you must have a limit on the number of kids attendees because you literally cannot handle hundreds of campers even you will be personally assisting the camp activities. Around 150 to 200 kids are manageable if you have reliable staff with you. More than this, it would be hard for you to monitor each and every kid. You can group the kids once they are in the camp.

Advertise actively. You can post your posters inside daycares, parks, schools, community message boards or websites. You can also ask the help of your local radio station in the campaign and you must also have a ready landline phone if someone needs to inquire about your coming summer camp.

How to organize a summer camp for kids must take a lot of considerations on your part because you would not want anything bad to happen to even just one kid. Your goal is to make kids enjoy the experience. To let them be with other kids and do various fun activities so that they can learn the significance of teamwork. You want them to stay in the outside world for a while to let them know that the world needs someone like them to rely on. As an organizer, probably your greatest satisfaction will come from seeing kids enjoy the camping experience and see them learning from it.

Kids’ Scooter – Must Buy For Your Young Children

Kids of today prefer to sit indoors and play video games, computer system games or watch TV. seated indoors will make kids lazy and overweight. To stay healthful and fit kids need fresh air and exercise. Do you have Little kids at home? Do you want to stop them from changing into couch potatoes? Do you want your kids to go outdoors and play? Is your answer YES to the above questions? Then there is one best possibility and that is to buy 3 tyre push scooters for your kids.

Why should you buy 3 rim scooters instead of bicycles? The answer is basic. All parents want their kids to be safe and scooters are the safest selection. little kids have to learn to balance and coordinate first before they proceed to ride ATV quads. When they lose their balance in motorcycles they may fall down and get hurt. I am sure you don’t want to see your loved one hurt. If so, you should buy a three wheel scooter for your kid.

The 3 tyre support system in these scooters give full assistance to the kid. The kid need not learn how to balance the scooter. The child can ride it without any fear of accidents. Preschoolers need to develop coordination, balance and motor skills. 3 tyre scooters teach the kids to develop all skills in a playful method. They are toys that teach the children a lot of things. The pace of these scooters is very low varying from 10 to 15 miles per hour. So there is no need to worry about the security of the kid.

Kids develop these skills very fast when they ride a 3 wheel scooter. You are sure to be astonished to see your Small one ride a scooter with so much of ease and effectiveness in a very quick span of time. Your kid is ensured of cardio exercise. Your preschooler will love to come for walks with you. You will feel proud to see your kid racing ahead of you. You need not feel stressful and irritated when you take them to nearby super markets or parks. Both you and your child are sure to have a fabulous time.

Are you tempted to buy 3 tyre push scooters for your little bundle of joy? If so, I am sure you would like to buy the best. To buy the best you should have an idea on the different types of kids’ scooters and the features of the best one.

What are the different sorts of three rim push scooters?

There are many kinds of three wheel scooters. The first among them is mini micro scooter. They are the best choice for beginners. It is specially designed for Little toddlers. It is low to the ground and that helps make kicking easy for them. They are available in bright colors like pink, blue, orange, red yellow and green. You can choose your kid’s favorite color.

The next one is maxi micro scooter. It is suitable for little more aged kids – from ages 6-12. They are larger than mini micro scooters, but they have all the security features. Kids can ride these scooters to school. They will feel proud to ride to school and show off to their good friends. The handlebar height is adjustable and the child can use this for many years.

There are 3 tyre electric scooters. They are electric battery operated and they add they give more thrill and excitement to the kids. The brakes teach the kids to control the speed and stop their scooters when they need to. It is suitable for older kids. Even teens can ride these electric push scooters.

What are the features of the best 3 tyre scooter for kids?

1. Security is the main concern. Branded scooters are preferable since they are of good quality and are safer.

2. Look for warranty. sturdiness is an important feature. Long term warranty is an assurance of quality and sturdiness. Scooters of good quality are durable for many years and can be used for the Tiny siblings.

3. Adjustable handlebars are better due to the fact they can be used even after the kid grows up.

4. The battery life should be good in electrical scooters.

5. It should be light-weight in weight.

6. The foldable models do not occupy much space and they are easy to carry to all places.

7. Make sure they provide spare tyres and rims.

8. Balance.

9. Make sure the rim size is the right size.

10. Find what the optimum weight the scooter can carry.

3 tyre kids’ scooters are the best toys for kids. They are must buy toys for little ones. Show that you love your kids by gifting them with the best three rim push scooters.

How To Help Your Kids Study For an Exam

If you are a parent, I am sure you care for your kids’ academic performance and you also want your kids to do well in their exams. Unfortunately, exams remain the conventional method to test a kid’s understanding of what they have learnt. Some kids may feel some form of exam stress. I am not sure about you but as a parent, I feel the same too.

In Singapore, all Primary 6 students are required to sit for a public exam known as the Primary School Leaving Examination (“PSLE”). If you are not familiar with our education system, it is commonly accepted by parents here that a kid’s future will depend on his PSLE result. After all, Singapore is a competitive society and only kids with above average PSLE results will be able to go to better secondary schools, which will pave the way for them to get into junior colleges and the universities.

Even though my eldest son is only in Primary 5 now, I start feeling some form of exam stress too as a parent. I cannot imagine that it is just one year away before he sits for his PSLE. I care for my son’s future and wonder how I can help him study for his exam (and that includes his PSLE). I went through a similar education system in Hong Kong and sat for different kinds of public exams before. I think it is time I can share my experience with him. In this article, I am going to share with you 3 great tips and hopefully you will find my sharing insightful.

It is the kids’ exams and not ours

It is natural for parents to be concerned with their kids’ academic performance and exam results. I know some parents will demand their kids to achieve certain scores in the exams. However, as it is our kids’ exams, it is my view that we should not impose our own expectation on our kids as a command. Instead, I encourage both parents and their kids to get together and talk about their own expectations. Effective communication between parents and kids should always be a dialogue and not a monologue.

How to set a bigger goal for exams

I also know some parents will just tell their kids to study hard for the exams and let the kids find out what the meaning of “studying hard” is. Here is something I find useful. I am aware that my son is a visual learner. Thus, I gave him a picture of a dartboard and asked him to write down his goal for the upcoming PSLE. The reason why I did this was to identify if there was any expectation gap between us. He said that he was aiming at 60% whereas I thought he could achieve at least 80%. Hence, there was indeed an expectation gap.

During my discussion with him, I noticed my son was fine with the idea of getting 60% and going to an average secondary school. Of course this was not what I wanted to hear. I encouraged him to set a bigger goal by helping him to identify additional benefits of doing so. I know one of the hot buttons for him is to make his mother upset. Therefore, I encouraged him to aim at getting a better score in his PSLE so that his mother would be very proud of him. Once he saw this connection, he accepted my suggestion and wrote down a bigger goal on the picture of the dartboard.

How to help our kids to build his confidence

Do you agree that sitting for exams can be a challenge to our kids? As a result, a kid must not only believe in himself that he can do well in the exam, he must also be confident at all times. However, here is a common problem among the parents, i.e. giving their kids the negative labels. Did it happen to you when you were a kid? While others may say it is a vicious cycle, I say we have to stop it. It is important for our kids to feel that we are always supporting them.

Imagine your kid is an average student in his class and he did not do well in his mid-term exam recently. Should you give him the negative labels, for example, stupid, useless, not paying attention? Instead of giving him these negative labels, you can say something like “I see you put in effort in this exam and I know you can do better in the final exam if you put in more effort.” Do you see the difference here? Encouragement from parents is a transfer of positive energy to their kids and this allows them to feel the love and support. This is an effective confidence booster to the kids.

I hope you will find my sharing useful to you, especially if your kids are preparing for their major exams like my son’s PSLE. Remember, effective communication between you and your kids is important. If you notice your kids are experiencing some form of exam stress, listen to them and support them, and allow them to feel our love.

Best Cruises for Kids: A Smart, Small List

When it comes to the best cruises for kids, few cruise lines can match the level of excellence provided by Princess, Norwegian, Disney or Royal Caribbean. This article will briefly explore innovative perks and novel features of some of the best cruise lines for kids, and look at how each cruise line makes cruising with kids such a pleasure.

So without further ado, let’s get right to our short, sweet list of the best cruises for kids.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises may be the most ideal option for trips involving children of different age groups, or multi-generational families. Few cruise lines are as versatile as Princess-you can seek out any experience you want aboard a Princess cruise, and be assured that the kids are having just as good a time as you are.

Princess has several bustling kids’ clubs that are sure to keep the youngsters engaged in exciting activities. The line’s Crown series of ships, along with the recently upgraded Grand Princess, are among the best cruise ships for kids. The line offers a diverse range of age-based activities and its ships are loaded with innovative perks.

Princess is one of the best cruises for kids, and perhaps even more so if you add toddlers, teenagers and grandparents in to the mix. The cruises have to offer something for everyone, and this is what makes this line such a huge hit for multigenerational families. You get to sample the traditional along with the modern, and experience the best of both worlds.

To give an example of the diverse nature of onboard and shore activities, you can attend a formal art auction, play bingo, indulge in high-tech spa treatments and even go to an authentic wine tasting. Vacationers traveling in large parties may consider Princess the best cruise line for kids and adults alike, and with good reason.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines may offer what is arguably one of the best cruises for kids, particularly for the hard-to-please teen demographic. The Norwegian Epic is considered one of the best cruise ships for kids, and is chockfull of great features to keep kids 13 and over engaged for the entire trip.

Apart from the great cabins and plush decorations, teens will love the rock climbing walls and one of the most intense water slides on any cruise ship. Another teen-friendly feature is Entourage-a teen only (13 to 17) enclave that lets teens do what they do best. It’s a great place to hang out, with large flatscreen TVs, plush couches, contemporary furniture, and teen-friendly games and entertainment such as foosball and air hockey. And it all adds up to one of the best cruises for kids.

Onboard dining options are another plus. The ship has an excellent buffet laid out by the Garden Cafe, and the best part is that it’s open most of the time. The free O’Sheehans Pub (we’re not sure if that’s a wordplay on ‘ocean’) and round-the-clock pizza delivery are also great for nighttime cravings. A trip where the adults enjoy themselves as much as the children? That’s the hallmark of some of the best cruises for kids.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney has successfully taken the concept of family cruising, splashed it with the typical (read whimsical) Disney charm, and taken it to the next level.

Disney’s most beautiful and elegant ships include the Disney Magic, the Disney Wonder and the newly-added Disney Dream. The line has some of the best cruise ships for kids, and delivers an enchanting onboard experience your kids will remember for a long, long time.

There are so many things that make Disney one of the best cruise lines for kids. The ships’ cabins are well-furnished, and clearly designed with the needs of kids in mind. The line sports a unique split-bath layout that’s perfect for families with children-one bathroom features a sink and tub-shower and the other has a sink and a toilet. In addition, families can dine at different themed restaurants in a rotational dining system, and the theatrical performances on evenings are as close to Broadway as any cruise line. It’s not hard to see why Disney cruises are considered one of the best cruises for kids.

And just because it’s a Disney trip does not mean parents are not looked after. If anything, parents may have even more fun than the kids. There are beautiful and well-equipped adults’ pools, boutique eateries and other upmarket dining options, and beautiful spas to keep the adults happily engaged. The line also offers several uber-sophisticated shore excursions for adults; on a Mediterranean cruise, adults can rent classic cars from the 60s in the sublimely beautiful Villafranche, or take daylong cooking classes and have an authentic Tuscan wine-tasting experience.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s cruises are among the most fun-filled for kids and families. The line’s Voyager, Oasis and Freedom series have some of the best cruise ships for kids, and offer loads of exciting activities for young and old alike.

Royal Caribbean consistently ranks as one of the best kids’ cruises, mainly due to the diverse onboard experiences available. Children are grouped according to age and encouraged to partake in age-appropriate activities. Whereas many other cruise lines group children in larger age brackets, Royal’s groups are smaller, meaning that kids get to hang out with other similar-aged kids and take part in activities that are tailored specifically to their age group.

Royal Caribbean’s onboard features are completely attuned to family needs, and this is what allows the line to offer one of the best cruises for kids. The line’s suites are family-friendly, and with connecting rooms, offer a great accommodation option for families with kids. You don’t have to cramp your style in a small cabin with drop-down beds. And for dining, you can either go with the pre-set dining system as with many other cruise lines, or opt for the more flexible restaurant-style dining.

Looking For Basketball Drills For Little Kids? Top 3 Basketball Handling Drills For Little Kids!

Need some basketball drills for little kids?

I understand the task of teaching little kids how to play basketball is not easy. Little kids have short attention spans so it is important that you are teaching them how to play basketball with fun and effective drills.

As a little kid I was involved in my local basketball organization which had very fun and effective drills that they had us do in our practice sessions. I enjoyed practice just as much as playing in an actual game because the basketball drills were exciting but I also noticed they were helping me become a better basketball player.

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever given a little kid a basketball drill to do and noticed that he or she is uninterested and doesn’t want to do it?

Well, little kids want to have fun and if they aren’t having fun they aren’t interested. That is why I can’t tell a little kid to do just any drill because they may do it without a care in the world, and if a drill is done without care it is pretty much useless. So it is very important that little kids find the basketball drills they’re doing amusing.

Let me reveal the top 3 basketball drills for little kids!

1. Two man ball handling- This drill can be done with one kid but is usually done with a group of kids. If you have a group of kids, this is how you do this drill: Start with two lines one at one corner of the basketball court and another line in the corner facing diagonally from the first corner. Give a ball to the first person in each line. Now you can call out what you want them to do.

For example you can say right hand dribble crossover. This means that the first child in each line will dribble the basketball down the middle of the court with their right hand until they meet up with each other in the middle where they will perform a right hand crossover dribble and continue all the way down to the next line. Then each kid will pass the ball to the next kid and that kid will do the same thing. After each kid has done the right hand crossover dribble 2-3 times you can then call out a different move such as the left hand dribble crossover.

2. Circles- This drill is done by taking the basketball and moving it quickly in a circular motion around your head, waist knees and legs. You can do this for 30 seconds around each body part I mentioned.

3. Crossover lay-up drill- This drill is just like the classic lay-up drill.

You start with two lines at half court one on the left side of the court and one on the right side of the court. The right side will be the lay-up side and the left side will be the rebound side. The first kid in the right line will need a basketball. The will do a crossover move from left to right and then drive to the basket for a right hand lay-up. The kid in the left side line will get the rebound and pass it to the next kid in the right line. Both kids that went first in each line will then switch lines. After every kid goes three times, switch the lay-up side to the left and the rebound side to the right.

These 3 drills were my favorite basketball drills when I was a little kid and these drills have been used in little league basketball teams.

If you want to help your kids handle the rock effectively you may need an effective group of drills designed to improve ball handling ability efficiently.

A ball handling program may be useful if you want your kids to really destroy their competition.

Provide Endless Fun And Creative Art Projects With Kids Art Table

You can turn a boring evening for you and your kids into an amazing day only if you have a kids art table where you can work together on art project. This will allow your kids to show and develop their creativity and you will be able to spend some quality time with them.

The first thing you have to do is think of a project you can all embark on and that doesn’t need to you buy really expensive materials. Try to go for the things you find at the kids art table; anything you find on their backpack or something you can get at the local art shop. If you can’t find anything on the kids art table that inspires you, you can watch some videos or read some magazines to get a few project ideas. Once you have already made a decision so as to which is the right project for you, you will have to think of the materials you need and get your kids art table ready for the action.

If you are planning to go for an art project such as making a sculpture or a paper mache object, then the kids art table will be the perfect surface to work in. if you don’t have a table for your kids you can have a look at what the Creation Station Art Centre has to offer because they have amazing things to store your art supplies.

If, on the contrary, you are planning to create a portrait or simply paint a canvas, your kids art table won’t be useful since an easel will provide your kids with the perfect eye level to see what they are painting. One good option is the Galt art easel for kids that is made with strong frame that will your kids the necessary support they need while working.

You will have to get the kids art table and the easel ready by making use of plastic so that you don’t find it difficult to get rid of paint stains or clay bits when they finish their art projects. Something good to do with your kids is a clay sculpture. There is a wide range of molding clay on offer on the market, which will give you the chance to make different shapes of different sizes and colours. It’s a good idea to go for a theme for the clay sculpture, for instance, you can imagine you go to a fast food restaurant and ask your kids to make different food items such as French fries or burgers. Or if you prefer your kids can create an imaginary world with unique people and places.

Another project your kids will enjoy while sitting at the kids art table is making puppets of cardboard. This is a good project because you don’t really need to buy cardboard and you can teach your kids the importance of recycling.

You can trace the objects you want on the cardboard but make sure you have a theme so as to avoid boredom. You can draw clowns, wheels and animals. After that you should cut the pieces or give your kids a safe pair of scissors to avoid accidents. You can then colour the shapes and stick them onto a poster to create a kind of patchwork.

Kids and Remarriage – So What Do You Tell Them?

Marrying again with kids in tow can complicate your life. On the one hand, you have found your perfect match at last, and want to spend the rest of your life with this person. On the other hand, you don’t want to take any false step that will harm your kids’ future. Breaking the news of this remarriage to your kids can be hard enough. But don’t make it harder for them by dropping the remarriage bomb on them out of the blue.

How to Break the News of Remarriage to your kids?

Instead of breaking the news to your kids suddenly, you need to introduce the new person in your life to your kid’s right at the beginning. Tell your kids and let them know how much you love this new person and also make your kids understand that this new adult relationship will not change the relationship dynamics between your kids and you in any way.

Include your kids in your plans. Take your lover and your kids out to the movies or to restaurants, make them spend time together so that they become comfortable. And then slowly introduce the news of remarriage to your kids in the gentlest possible manner.

If your kids are already friends with your new love interest, and spending time together doing fun things, they won’t really be surprised at the news.

Be the first to Break the News

However, it should always be you who should break the news to your kids. If your kids get to hear about your remarriage plans from other peoples’ mouths, they may feel angry, upset, and insecure and may indulge in violent behavior.

Age of Kids

If your kids are very young, explaining the concept of remarriage can be very difficult. But you have to do it and you can ask your ex-spouse to help you out. Explain the situation as clearly as you possibly can.

With teenagers, you have to be more concerned about timing. Try to avoid freaking your teenage kid out when he/she is busy with exams or heart breaks. Try to seek out a peaceful place and time when you can discuss this issue with your kid without getting interrupted. Try to answer all their questions.

Your adult kids may have guessed long back that you were about to get married once more, so they will already be mentally prepared to hear the ‘news’.


All kids do not respond to their parent’s newfound happiness in the same manner. While some kids cut off their parent completely and take months or years to accept the remarriage and a new person in your life, others welcome your love interest with open arms.

Be ready to deal with angry, emotional outbursts, accusations, rebellious anti social behavior, tears, drama and refusal to accept this remarriage.

Some kids, on the other hand, become quiet and reflective and withdraw from society. After all, kids have every right to fantasize that their moms and dads would reunite one day. When that doesn’t happen, they react violently or in strange ways. You have to be very patient, give them time to accept this new situation and before moving on with life.

It is important to remember this is not a one time “talk”, a sigh of relief that it’s over and then on with your life. Kids need time to process this information and depending on the age of the child and how they are receiving the news profession help may be necessary.

My Kid Will Make It

The spring thaw, don’t you just love it; waiting for the crocuses to come up and the grass to turn green. For over fifty years this was the time of year that I lived for. The boys of summer, 162 games in 180 days, what fun? I am not a participant any longer just a spectator. Every summer though from the time I was eight years old until I was thirty five that’s what I did, I played baseball. As a kid the dream was to become a professional baseball player and do it for a living. I am sure that kids today have those same dreams and can see themselves hitting the homerun that wins the World Series or pitching a no-hitter. It was such a fantasy fest and we all did fantasize, but alas none of us made it. We played in and out of uniform, organized and pick up, honed our skills, took batting practice and we all thought we were so darn good, but not good enough. There were some guys in the town that I lived in that were so good that we figured we would be watching them someday playing for the Yankees. Not so.

I started doing the math many years ago and finally worked out the numbers. There are about three thousand professional baseball players in the United States and that includes minor league teams. I am not including Japan or other countries that play in the World Baseball Classic every four years. There are eight billion people living on the planet. The chances are greater that a kid will be hit by lightning than becoming a professional baseball player. Professional baseball players are the cream, cream, cream of the crop and have certain physical abilities that are innate to them and only them. When scouts talk about a five tool player they refer to a player’s ability to run with speed, has a strong throwing arm, can hit for average and hit with power, and can field their position well. These are all God given abilities that improve with practice but really it’s all about natural talent.

I am not too concerned about teenagers understanding those numbers, I think they do, but I don’t think that parents have a clear understanding of those statistics and further more believe that their kid is going to be the next Mickey Mantle. It’s not the belief that’s troubling it’s what parent’s do with those beliefs that can make life miserable for a lot of people.

Let’s be clear, coach’s coach, parent’s parent, and player’s play, anytime these three things get comingled and they start stepping on each other’s toes it is a recipe for disaster with the player losing and I don’t mean the game. Let’s take a look at what happens when each person in the group above doesn’t know how to do their job, creates unrealistic expectations, and starts telling others how to do their job.

Coaches Coach

Coaching at times can be tougher than teaching. When a teacher teaches they are in a classroom with their students and unless they are being observed by an administrator no one is watching. A coach during a game and at times during practice could be being watched by large portion of the community in which they work. They do this job at times for little or no money, they invest hours of their time into trying to help improve the athletic ability of someone else’ kids, and can be under appreciated and criticized unmercifully by parents and at times by their own players. Parents I might add who have unrealistic expectations of their own child’s ability and talent. I realize that parents are required to read and sign the handbook that lays out the rules for participation and they should realize their place during games but all too often in communities where sports is the center piece parents continually discuss the coach and sadly hold these conversations within earshot of their children. The coach becomes the object of rumors and gossip and is placed under the community microscope with parents chomping at the bit for the coach to provide them the evidence to support their belief. This is all started because of the agendas of a few disgruntled parents who believe that their kid should play every game even if their kid is not the best pitching choice for the game that day. Teachers are hired for their expertise in a subject area and are left alone to deliver content to their students. When they are allowed to call upon their own creativity and don’t feel intimidated by parents, and potentially administration they feel more confident and relaxed while doing their job. Coaches are hired to coach and they need to be left alone to deliver their expertise to their players. Parents who interfere with the coach while he is doing his job place undue pressure on him/her and rob the players of the joy of competition, and camaraderie. So if you are a parent do your kid a favor and leave the coach alone. He was given the job by a school district or a community that believed in him and his abilities to teach kids a sport and to get the best out of his players. Let the coach; coach and let him/her do what they love doing.

Parents Parent

Your kid may be good at his sport but unless he/she is the next Bryce Harper they’re not making the pros. So why put all kinds of performance related pressure on this kid. By the way if you ask any professional baseball player what their parents were like when they were in little league they will tell you that their parents said to just go out and have fun; for the love of the game and nothing else. As a matter of fact that’s why they made it to the pros because of the no pressure or expectations attitude. Parents need to parent and that means to encourage, nurture natural talents, and to balance rules and regulations with compassion and understanding. Parents are their kid’s life coach and need to point their kids in the right direction by instilling in them lifelong values and character training that breads success in the future. The minute that baseball or any other sport becomes the benchmark for success any game related failures will result in the kid feeling like a failure in other areas of his life and lose the confidence necessary to move forward. So, be a parent not a coach, leave the coaching to the coaches and work with your kid to be the best he can be as a person not as a player. If they are good people they will be good players. Use sports as a vehicle to help your son/daughter show off who they really are; someone with character and values, who respects his teammates and opponents, and understands that there is only one person in charge during games and practices and that’s the coach.

Players Play

Players play; think about that we call those who participate on sports teams players. Not workers, players. What does it mean to play? It means you have fun, you do it willingly, and you can’t wait to start doing it. You enjoy it. Is that what our kids experience today when they are involved as a player on a sports team? I don’t know, what I do know is I have seen enough kids being forced to go to Tuesday night soccer practice and Saturday morning games. Many kids today only play on organized teams and to them once the game becomes something that is organized by adults the word play doesn’t enter into the equation. Furthermore kids don’t know how to play today. They don’t know how to organize themselves and play pick-up games. Often, some leagues are in townships and the kids live miles apart and they don’t have anyone to play with and sharpen the skills that they learned at practice. Kids need to run around together alone and learn how to solve problems alone with adult coaching and not with adults hovering over them offering correction because their swing was off or they don’t know how to catch a fly ball. So let the kids play, if we don’t playing won’t be playing anymore it will be work.

So What Do We Do?

The solution is rather simple, let the kids play and stay out of each other’s way; easier said than done. I have been asked for solutions to problems by teachers and parents alike. My response at times has been “I am going to tell you what to do but, you’re probably not going to do it.” They either can’t or won’t do it. Ego’s are too big and when there are folks who have some power they use it to get what they want even when it is not in the best interest of the team or a group. School districts and communities are controlled by the minority who don’t always want what’s best for a group. Sometimes parents don’t always want what’s best for their own kid and they live vicariously through them hoping that they will somehow bring completion to their own unfinished life. As a society we have lost some real professional and personal wisdom and we want to dismantle the playground because one kid fell off the monkey bars. Our kids are looking to us for answers but we are too busy arguing with each other. They then look to each other and have their friends parent them by proxy creating what Robert Bly called “The Sibling Society” where the ground is level and no one is in charge.

As adults we have created this culture in a very innocent and unwitting way, and now we have to dismantle the Frankenstein Monster. We have to stop telling parents and kids what they want to hear and be truthful about their academic and sports related ability regardless of any unrealistic parental expectations. Billy Beane of Moneyball fame was drafted in the first round by the New York Mets right out of high school. He was identified by scouts as that five tool player we spoke about earlier. He played for a short time in the major leagues and then went into scouting. He never made it as a player but became a successful general manager with the Oakland Athletics. He was successful but not as the player that everyone though he would be.

When Bryce Harper made it to the pros as an outfielder for the Washington Nationals Davey Johnson the then manager of the team asked him how he felt, Harper responded; “This is the most relaxed I have ever been in my entire life.” Harper knew that he was hit by lightening and that he was the one in eight billion who became a professional baseball player. He truly did make it. Everyone else will have to just keep on trying but in reality all kids have the potential to be great people but not professional athletes. Even if a kid gets a scholarship and is all state in his sport he will always be a big fish in a small pond so let the kid have fun, let the coaches coach, and help parents understand how unrealistic expectations can do more harm than good.

Is It Advisable to Leave Your German Shepherd With Kids?

How safe is leaving a German shepherd with kids? Children all over the world love dogs as pet and yours should not be any different. If you bring a puppy when your kid is small, it can grow along with your kid and establish bonds of love and trust.

The behavior pf this dog with kids is mostly loving and patient and is considered extremely safe. These are intelligent breed of dogs and are affectionate by nature. Most dogs with kids will not openly display their affection and will be very protective when the kid is playing.

Although it is considered safe to leave them with kids, it would be advisable to supervise them while they play. Most pets tend to walk away when the kids pull their ears or tug at their coat. The German shepherd might not run and play actively with your kid and will have a more protective nature where they keep a watch from a distance. Their role is more of a guardian and not that of a playmate.

Most kids love touching and feeling the dog and it would mostly react in a patient and calm manner. However some dogs may also choose to walk away when the kid display lots of excitement while playing.

You would be surprised to know that each breed of dog has a different personality and their patience levels may vary a lot because of this. If you observe closely you would be able to determine the unique personality of your pet. While some dogs can be very playful with your kids there are others that would prefer keeping distance.

A German shepherd puppy may be more playful than an adult dog. These breed of dogs are considered ideal companions to humans and are always willing to please. They are large animals and you would need to consider this factor when you bring them into your family.

Depending on how they are bred and trained German shepherd with kids are very compatible. Good socialization and training will help these breed of dogs interact wonderfully well with kids. If the dog is socialized in the formative years, it would be best, especially for kids.

Although these breed of dogs are not very aggressive it would be best to supervise your kids when they are playing with them. Kids may sometimes provoke your dog into aggressive behavior as they children might not be very disciplined while they play.

Sometimes the exuberance behavior of your puppy or adult dog may overwhelm the kids and you would need to keep a check on them so that there is no harm caused in an unknowing manner. If your kid is very small, it would be best to avoid wrestling with this large dog as they might not be aware of their strength and would not be able to control it in an appropriate manner.