Teaching Your Son About Sex

Parents have an active role to play in educating their sons about sex, and introducing the subject at an early age can reinforce important issues such as childbirth, relationship values, contraception and sexual health. Skipping or delaying this education can lead to young males experimenting with sex at an early age, and it can also result in unhappy relationships, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Introduce your son to the importance of sexual relationships at an early age, as this will help him be more comfortable with the subject as time progresses. Use opportunities to address the subject when curiosity arises, especially when your son wants to know where babies come from or asks about reproductive organs.
Explain how parents sleep together, and always be clear about sex being an act of love as well as a form of reproduction. Always reinforce that sex is a healthy activity and never be embarrassed when your son asks awkward questions. Answer with honesty, and try to include props to explain how adults make babies, such as picture books or educational videos.
Use everyday situations to talk about sex in a frank and open manner. Use examples on television or from other relationships that the child sees to provide information about good and bad sexual behavior. Try to make sex a part of everyday life but encourage your son to wait until you get home before asking questions instead of addressing issues in public.
Introduce the emotions and needs that adults encounter, and explain how sex can be used to satisfy them. Make it clear that adults can safely indulge in sexual behavior without having to make babies, and that the experience can be one of enjoyment and fulfillment. Also discuss the fact that some adults choose to practice abstinence until marriage, and fulfill themselves through masturbation.
Talk about masturbation as your son reaches puberty, and stress that the habit is perfectly natural and healthy. Explain that masturbation is a tool for learning about the body as well as a source of sexual stimulation, and that couples practice the technique as well. Introduce the importance of sexual health, and encourage your son to regularly his wash hands and genitals after periods of private touching.
Talk about contraception during his early teenage years, and explain how different contraceptive methods prevent the risk of pregnancy. Give examples of the difficulties that unwanted pregnancies can cause, and explain that sleeping with multiple sexual partners without contraception can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Discretely leave condoms in your son’s bedroom so he becomes familiar with wearing them, and always encourage him to keep condoms in a wallet once he begins dating.